Several committees provide strategic direction and leadership for the SCTE Foundation and report to the Board of Directors. Each committee is composed of three to twelve members all of whom must be members of SCTE. The Foundation President appoints the chair of each standing committee, other than the Finance Committee whose chair is the SCTE Treasurer. The President also appoints board members to standing committees. These committees meet regularly to move the Mission of the SCTE Foundation forward. 


Awards Committee

The SCTE Foundation Awards Committee is responsible for distribution of funds for scholarships, grants, and other means of awards to SCTE members.

Finance Committee

The SCTE Foundation Finance Committee is responsible for the financial management of the Foundation, including the development of annual budgets, financial statements and reports.

Fundraising Committee

The SCTE Foundation Fundraising Committee is responsible for all fundraising campaigns and events benefiting the SCTE Foundation.

Policy Committee

The SCTE Foundation Policy Committee includes the chairs of the other Foundation Committees and is responsible for developing and managing the polices and procedures under which the Foundation operates.