Since its inception, the SCTE Foundation has provided grant money to technical professionals from all levels of the industry. It doesn't matter if you're a contractor, installer, or ops supervisor, senor executive or member in transition—SCTE makes grant money available for the pursuit of continuing education for members in good standing across all levels of an organization

The entire volunteer organization has standing committees and structures in place that allow the SCTE Foundation to guide funds to augment individual's  requests for educational assistance. The allocation of funds is based upon career goals, availability of alternative financial assistance and supporting recommendations from the applicant's references and is determined by the SCTE Grants Subcommittee or Awards Committee, depending on the amount of the funds requested.

Why apply for a SCTE Foundation grant?

SCTE membership is essential.

Only active SCTE members are eligible to apply for funds from the SCTE Foundation. Two years of active membership is required for grant application; four years of active membership is required for scholarship application.

Questions?  Call 800-542-5040 or e-mail: foundation@scte.org
PLEASE NOTE: All applicants and recipients agree that the SCTE Foundation shall have all rights to prior review and approval of any and all proposed publicity concerning this grant; and grant to the SCTE Foundation any and all rights to publicize applicants' and recipients' name, city of residence/employment, employer, educational institution, and type of grant.
The SCTE Foundation reserves the right to discontinue, modify or withhold any payments if it deems, in the SCTE Foundation's sole discretion, such action is necessary: (1) because Grantee has not fully complied with the terms and conditions of a grant; (2) to protect the purpose and objectives of a grant or any other charitable activities of the SCTE Foundation; or (3) to comply with any law or regulation applicable to the Grantee, to the SCTE Foundation, or a grant.