The SCTE Foundation kicked off its Founding Donor Campaign  to raise funds which continue to be directed toward achieving the Mission of the SCTE Foundation. This initial campaign was paramount to the successful commencement of the SCTE Foundation and launching its programs.

Thank you to the SCTE Foundation Founding Donors.

All of the financial assistance that the SCTE Foundation provides to SCTE members is made possible through donations. Through the Founding Donor Campaign, organizations, SCTE chapters and individuals played a vital role in the future of not only the SCTE Foundation but also the success of countless individuals as they advanced their career in this dynamic industry. 

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Corporate Founding Donors

Benefactor Supporter Contributor
ARRIS Time Warner Cable Aurora Networks
CommScope   Charter Communications
    Cox Communications
    SeaChange International
    Thomson Grass Valley

Chapter Founding Donors

Benefactor Supporter Contributor
New England Chapter Green Mountain Chapter Central Florida Chapter
    Chattahoochee Chapter
    Lighthouse Chapter

Individual Founding Donors

Benefactor Supporter Contributor
Rick Bechtel Greg Allshouse Richard Anderson
Nomi M. Bergman Alex Balander Richard D. Ashpole
Paul Biederman Joseph J. Casasanta Jim Egloff
Jason T. Billings Andrew J. Healey Steve Gress
Maureen & Chris Bowick Darin Helgeson John P. Jamar
John Clark Paul Joong Ray V. Miller
Joseph Cutrona, Jr. Mike Phebus Derrick Nguyen
James Duratz James Pierce Stephen P. Oksala
Bob Foote John Pudenz Steve Premo
Bob Gold Pat Skerry Leslie "Les" H. Read
Robert J. Greiner, III Rich Woundy Debra A. Swann
Wayne Hall 2 Anonymous Louise Wasilewski
Michael T. Hayashi    Cathy Wilson
Keith Hayes    
Edward D. Horowitz    
Ron Hranac    
Jim Hughes    
Brenda Lee Hunt    
Yvette & Denton Kanouff    
Sally L. Kinsman    
Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq.      
Al Kuolas    
Peter G. Loscomb    
Rickey Luke    
Mark Mardis    
Marianne McClain    
Mark Millet    
Michael W. Pasquinilli    
Donald G. Reinhard    
Chris Seeber    
Karen Tynan    
Henry & Laura Vasquez    
Tom & Marj Wilcox    
Wendell D. Woody    
Tim Yanda