The SCTE Foundation benefits the industry as a whole through increased professionalism, vitality and innovation. By providing financial grants to individuals to advance their careers, the SCTE Foundation is helping to expand technical awareness. Every career enhanced by a Foundation grant leads to a more knowledgeable employee and a more advanced workforce.

Individuals benefit. Companies benefit. The industry prospers.


A benefit to the industry.

The SCTE Foundation grants serve to supplement existing corporate educational assistance programs, providing an even greater incentive for the companies' employees who are members of SCTE to take advantage of both technical and professional development opportunities. The formula is very simple—the Foundation helps individuals advance their careers through grants toward training, those individuals gain the skills they need to excel and make their company more successful, and the entire industry prospers.

A benefit to individual SCTE Members.

The SCTE Foundation is dedicated to helping members of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) to advance or enhance their careers. Whether the member is an industry veteran, an individual just starting out, or a professional in transition, grants from the SCTE Foundation help the member to achieve his or her educational goals through seminars, conferences, certification and degree programs, and technical software. 

You and your company can make a difference.

Imagine how much stronger the cable industry would be with a better-trained technical workforce. Their expertise and the increased corporate efficiencies that followed would improve workflow and provide organizations with more resources, allowing them to focus on new technologies, innovation and the future. Your personal contribution or your organization's donation goes directly to helping educate individuals and shape the next generation of industry professionals.

The SCTE Foundation is making an impact on professionals' careers. It's striving to expand the scope and outreach of its initial fundraising campaigns to make a greater impact on improving the industry. You can help.

How you can participate:

Get Involved. Attend an SCTE Foundation event or host a fundraising event of your own. Learn more
Take Advantage. Receive educational assistance toward advancing your career. Apply for a Grant
Give. Provide funding to support the growth of the cable industry's technical workforce. Donate
Volunteer. Donate your time and expertise to help the SCTE Foundation prosper. Contact SCTE