Standards Organizational Members

SCTE is the technical and applied science leader in the cable telecommunications industry and offers organizations an opportunity to participate in the creation, development and review of technical standards through a dynamic ANSI-accredited program.

If you become a Standards Organizational Member, individual representatives from your company will serve on several technical sub-committees, thereby positioning themselves as a leader within the industry and expanding their personal network of like-minded professionals.

By having the opportunity to provide input that shapes future industry standards, your organization has a direct impact on future technology deployed within the industry.

Additionally, your organization has access to a library of nearly 200 technical standards already approved through the SCTE Standards program

All these benefits and more are available to your organization with a Standards Organizational Membership. If your organization  would like to be on the forefront of new technologies and the industry Standards that help to shape them, SCTE Standards Membership is the most important investment you can make.