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The SCTE Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge by funding the technical and business education of industry professionals to further fuel the growth and strength of our industry as a whole. The SCTE Foundation is a vital resource dedicated to providing educational grants across all professional levels designed to help our industry stay ahead of a rapidly changing landscape. You can share in the Foundation’s mission; a mission we all benefit from; a mission that requires financial support and a commitment to better ourselves and our industry.


The SCTE Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ensuring the continued ability of a diverse workforce to positively impact the community, including in times of crisis. Using funds contributed by individual and corporate donors, the Foundation supports programs that: increase technical workforce skills; attract women, minorities and members of the armed forces to cable engineering careers; promote STEM activities among young people; and underpin cable workforce support for essential and emergency communication needs. 


SCTE asked some of the Foundation's donors and volunteer leaders to discuss the benefits and value that it provides to the industry. Watch their stories to learn the importance of the SCTE Foundation and how it's advancing cable excellence one SCTE member at a time.


Corporate Donors

Individual Donors
Julian Brodsky    Joseph Cozzolino  Drendl Family Foundation  Glenn Duval  Mike Lajoie  Robert Stanzione  Tony Werner  Michael Adams Marwan Fawaz Tom Gorman Keith Hayes The Ludington Family Mark Palazzo Donal G. Reinhard Matt Aden Jim Hughes Mark and Shawn Dzuban Cathy and Terry Oakes Chris and Maureen Bowick Bob and Janet Foote Bob Legg Bob Gold Joe Jensen Paul Joong Vish Nandlall Andy Parrott John Phillips Bil Schankel Paul Schneider William Strahan Bill and Carol Warga  Ken Wright Jim Adams  Ralph Brown  Pat Crull  Tony Finger  Mary Gilliland  Brenda Hunt Tom Maguire Pat Skerry Martha Soehren Rick Sullivan Mark Thompson Drew Zogby


Bill Warga, Vice President, Technology, Liberty Global Inc

Keith Hayes, Senior Vice President, Network Operations,
Charter Communications


Dr. Patricia Crull, Group Vice President, Chief Learning

Marwan Fawaz, Partner, Sarapta Advisors

The International Society of Broadband Experts™ (ISBE) is a global brand for the availability of superior training and certification resources to cable engineering and operations professionals around the world.

This new ISBE serves as an international gateway to SCTE’s vast library of educational and certification resources, and provides a single, unified source of training materials to the cable community.

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